Call to Port : Galleon Issues

Issues can be ordered by clicking on the below images.

Issue V features work by Andre Narbonne, Jann Everard, Colin Thornton, Sara Malton, HC Browne, Whitney Moran, Jamie Gibbs, Roger Moore and Kayla Geitzler, poetry from Bonnie Macleod, Marc Swan, Jane Tims, Andrew Vaisius, Virginia Boudreau, Allan Cooper, Sofia Kirioglou, Darren Ivany, Anne Levesque and Lauro Palomba. Also in the issue are book reviews by Ian Colford, Ed Lemond, Jeff Bursey and Kayla Geitzler.

Issue IV features work by Elaine McCluskey, Renee Blanchette, Malcolm Murray, Chris Benjamin, Donna Allard, Carol Steel, Leila Marshy, Pierre Beaumier, David Skyrie, Jane Tims, Jennifer Houle, George Griffin, and Matt Cormier. Books reviews by Ian Colford, Danny Jacobs, Jeff Bursey.

Issue III features work by Malcolm Murray, Janet Barkhouse, Edward Lemond, Chris Benjamin, Donna Allard, J.J. Steinfeld, Nancy King Schofield, Shane Neilson, Carol Steel, Beth E. Janzen, Scott Andrew Christensen, Steven Mayoff, and Bridget Canning. Book reviews by Jacob Seifring, Jeff Bursey.




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