Submissions till April 2

We’re taking submissions of short fiction and poetry for the next issue of Galleon until April 2 (not the first, as that would be foolish). Also, copies of our December issue (aka Galleon III aka the reboot/reboat) are still available.

And We’re Out of Dry Dock!

The first issue of the reborn Galleon should be in my hands (and your hands if you’re a subscriber or contributor) shortly.  Click the cover to see the line up. If you don’t have a subscription, but would like a copy of Issue III, visit here.


Now open for submissions!

We’ll be reading your short fiction and poetry over the next few months, but only if you send it.  Is there a theme? Well, our mission of course is to give Atlantic Canadian authors (new ones and refurbished ones) an outlet. And with this being our first (i.e. third) issue of Galleon (but the first since pulled from the bottom murk) anything with a New Brunswick connection would be heartily welcomed.  But it’s not essential.  Just send good, fresh writing.

We are also doing book reviews and will happily consider French work in translation.  See our submissions page for more detail.

Also: subscribe!


The Crew

Associate editors – not quite sure why ‘associate’ but they are people I’ve associated with – are now on board. It’s a fine crew, including Barry Grenon and Elizabeth Blanchard, two of the original Galleon editors.

The crew:
Beth Janzen (poetry, fiction)
Jeff Bursey (fiction, book reviews, essays)
Barry Grenon (fiction)
Elizabeth Blanchard (fiction)
Kayla Geitzler (poetry, fiction)

First Steps

(This website is under construction and if you’ve wandered here, watch your head.)

The region has needed a regular journal that won’t be as exclusive as, say, The Fiddlehead (a fine, fine journal) or some of the other journals in the area.  Galleon will focus on Atlantic Canadian authors and one of the four issues will focus on New Brunswick.  But there’s much to be done.

Time to get this boat on the road, get this ship motoring down the speedway.   The goal is a first issue, a New Brunswick-themed issue, out by end of June.  So for the next two weeks we raise funds, scour for subscriptions and submissions.

Galleon had a former existence, 2 issues and some 21 stories (and one novella) published. That was fun.