Site Changes Coming!

Galleon Journal will soon become Galleon Publishing, and the journal (which is still in a kind of deep sleep) will move to a different section of the site. Galleon Publishing will focus on book-length manuscripts, primarly from Atlantic Canadian authors. As of now, six titles are set to be released.

At long last – a development!

After a couple of years of silence, of fiddling with time bubbles (exploding them all) and financials (?), we’re moving the journal from print to online. All contributors to the perpetually-forthcoming Issue VI will be part of our first online issue, slated for Dec 1, 2020.


Submissions till May 1 for Galleon V.

With the first shipment of Galleon IV having arrived, we now encourage submissions for issue V.  Per usual, we are looking for original fiction and poetry as well as book reviews. Our mandate is to publish work by Atlantic Canadians or work related to Atlantic Canada, but we are flexible and there certainly is room for work ‘from away.’ For book reviews, please contact us first.  Deadline is May 1, 2016.

Issue IV update

Final decisions for Galleon IV are being made this week. It’s a lot to read – we doubled our submission numbers from the previous issue – but we have added a new editor (Kayla Geitzler) to our editorial cloud. Thank you to all who submitted. Keep spreading the word.